Affordable access to Premium Meteo-France servers

We offer data from premium MF servers at a lower cost. Explanations below.

Meteo-France free public servers are slow and unreliable.

We provide a more reliable mirror of Meteo-France data on our MF Models on AWS project. But since this data is still downloaded from the public MF servers, it takes some times to download. The resulting delay varies and can be up to a few hours. Therefore, there is no service warranty.

About Meteo-France service

For users in need of no-delay access to the data and guaranteed availability, Meteo-France sells a Premium access.

MF pricing is 5k€ / year per unit of 10GB of data per day.

You cannot go far with 10GB per day.

Here is what it would cost you to download the 00z, 06z, 12z and 18z runs every day:

Model # of units MF pricing
Arome 4 20k€ / year
Arome HD 2 10k€ / year
Arpege Europe 3 15k€ / year
Arpege World 4 10k€ / year

About OpenMeteoData Premium Alliance

A few of us are already paying for MF premium access service. We propose to make an alliance between all the paying users, to share the premium bandwidth and get more data for less money.

How it works?

Pay one, get 3!

Pay one, get 3!

  • You buy a single unit of Premium access directly from Meteo-France (or from us if you want us to manage everything).

  • We check with you which packages you need to request from Meteo-France. So, there is no duplicate buying.

  • You tell Meteo-France to upload the data directly to the Alliance cloud servers.

  • You get access to all the data that have been uploaded by you and the others members.

You can be a part of the Alliance (and download the data) only if you subscribe to a unit of MF Premium service and upload the data to our servers.

Is it legal?

What Meteo-France sells is premium bandwidth to get the data from them, but the data itself is free and open.

Once you got the data, you are allowed to redistribute it as you wish to other parties.

So yes, all of this is 100% legal, and nobody can complain about that.

I need a reliable service

Meteo-France will directly upload the data to the Alliance servers. All the uploading job is under responsibility of Meteo-France. They claim to provide a high-reliability service with 24/24 support team.

The data is uploaded to a renowned cloud file hosting service. The hosting service is fully managed by the cloud provider, with a 99.9% availability warranty. So we have nothing to worry about about the servers.

The cloud hosting have unlimited bandwidth. You can retrieve the data very quickly, as soon as they are finished to upload by Meteo-France.

The infrastructure and the daily workflow only depends on Meteo-France and the cloud provider, thus reducing the potential points of failure.

What if the Alliance already got premium access for the data I need?

We encourage you to in us and bring your own premium access. We will buy premium access to all the different packages until we got all the data.

When we will have all the packages, we will divide the cost by the number of users. New users will be able to join if they pay their share, and this money will be redistributed to refund those paying to MF. The more members we have, the less we will pay.

How much does it cost?

This service is free.

OpenMeteoData pays for the cloud hosting fees (it’s really not that much).

You just need to bring your premium MF access :)


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